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"Success is not for the CHOSEN FEW but the few who Choose!"


Daniel's Story: At 24 years young, I have built and established my own company. I came from a big family with two motivated parents who worked hard. Knowing their story's growing up and seeing my father's work ethic has always helped me mentally keep a high standard for myself consistently wanting to achieve more! At a young age, you can say I developed a healthy competing mindset thanks to sports. That later transcended from sports to having a desire to better myself mentally and my body physically in the gym. At the age of 21, I made up my mind fitness is what I wanted to do long term and I begin fully shifting gears into the industry! At the end of the day, everyone wants to give more. People want to be more successful. I believe true success isn't what is displayed on the outside but what's being worked on from the inside, everything starts from within. When you find your true self, the real you, become very good at living it each day you will be successful.

What drives your Passion for fitness: I always had a passion to help others. Through my passion I found my purpose. Having a passionate purpose comes from focusing on your craft each day, do what you love and you'll love what you do. When you work towards something greater then yourself you find meaning. You will realize the right people will start to gravitate towards you, holding you to a higher standard. I found my purpose in life by consistently working on myself each day. I noticed the effect you have on other people can be one of the most valuable things you give the world. 

What is your favorite part about modeling the brand: Understanding me better. A lot of people assume HUSKIIBOII is Pettis... But the reality is- Daniel Pettis is HUSKIIBOII. What I mean is the brand doesn't make me who I am, I make the brand. HB is a platform to show the world who I truly am. My favorite part about modeling the brand is- It allows me to continue what I'm most passionate about doing while inspiring others making a living, living!

Name some hobbies you like to do for fun when not modeling, training, or doing fitness related things:
I like to spend as much time with family when I can. When you have a lot of brothers and sisters plus cousins there is always something to do! I also love to travel, learn about different parts of the world, their cultures, the people and their backgrounds. I also love learning and studying more things in business to help advance my skills; soo, with that said- I'm learning to read a lot more! I challenge myself to read 5 new books each year! Even though I discipline myself to focus on advancing my life goals- I do go out from time to time! Having fun, (yes I do like to party lol) I do believe life is about balance and having fun is another way to create a healthy well rounded, fulfilled life. Ultimately, when I'm having fun no matter what that may be, I enjoy life more, and I believe the people around me are inspired in a more positive and impactful way. To me, that's living like a Rockstar!

When it comes to the fitness industry, what are some of your long term goals: Some of my long-term goals are having HUSKIIBOII known all over the USA; Then become a world-class company! Its a huge stepping stone from where I'm at now but I do believe that HB can be a top contender with "NIKE" one day!





"I never knew what the vehicle was going to be to become successful. Staying dedicated and consistently working on myself I knew I'd be able to show the world my talent and skills!"
-Daniel Pettis



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