You have to push yourself to reach the goals that you want for yourself. No one is going to do it for you and Huskiiboii fitness is a great daily reminder inside and out of the gym

Kristin Racis (IG: @kristin_racis)

The Huskiiboii shirts are not just very comfortable and stylish, but have proven to be my favorite fitted shirts to wear during a full body workout. The shirts fit my athletic build very well and does not restrict any movements whether I choose to power lift, Olympic lift or doing a more plyometrics style of training. As an exercise specialist at Passion for Fitness, I would recommend to anyone to check out the huskiiboii clothing line to get more out of his or her workout.

Eric Frankenfield (IG: @sacrificesforfitness)

Daniel created a brand that's meant to inspire others to find their passion and chase their dreams, and that's why I like HUSKIIBOII fitness. Keep up the great work!

Josh Sliverwood (IG: @joshsilverwood)

Our motto is POWER.PASSION.PERFORMANCE. you gotta give it everything you got, you’ll come back stronger. Love what you do and strive to succeed. Huskiiboii fitness, got to put that work in. Make 2018 a great year!

Holly Massey

I like the brand because you want to dress for success, feel comfortable while doing it. At same time pushing past your comfort zone while at the gym!

Joe Ross (FB: Joe Ross)

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