About Michelle




Michelle's Story:

What drives your Passion for fitness:

I got into fitness because I wanted to better myself physically.  Somewhere along my journey I changed in not just a physical but a mental way as well.  I now have a passion for fitness because it not only makes me look great, it makes me feel great too!

What is your favorite part about modeling the brand:

I love modeling the brand because I love wearing gym clothes.  Whenever I am getting ready to go to the gym I always pick the gym outfit that makes me feel confident.  Wearing Huskiiboii makes me feel confident.

Name some hobbies you like to do for fun when not modeling, training, or doing fitness related things:

My number one hobby would be horseback riding.  I own a horse and he takes up much of my time.  I also like to go snowboarding and travel with my boyfriend, Mason.  

When it comes to the fitness industry, what are some of your long term goals:

My main goal with fitness is to stay healthy, fit and motivated throughout my life, both physically and mentally.  

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