Mental Training Tactics For Health And Fitness



By: Daniel Pettis

How Do You Train Mentally?
There are many ways to train. I strongly believe training with and mentally having the right mindset is the best way to dominate in the gym. I believe regardless of whatever you do to get ready to train you need to get into the right mental state. I always apply this mindset to my training, getting in the right mental state is crucial in order to have a great workout and really enjoy the training session, in my opinion. You need to have some sort of mental readiness prior to working out that will carry on during the actual training. People have different rituals and routines prior to going to the gym. People ask me all the time, "How do I consistently crush it in the gym?" it simple. Comes down to my daily habits and rituals prior to getting into the gym. Also applying a goal backed up with longterm vision as to why I'm doing what I'm doing in the gym.

Below will be the Five (5) rituals and daily habits I apply:

  • Listen To Personal Development
  • Apply Self-Motivation (Great way to train without pre-workout)
  • Reflect on my goals what I'm trying to accomplish Short-Term & Long-Term.
  • Play some of my favorite songs to get me mentally and physically stimulated.
  • Find my mental zone, Optimize my focus. Prep mentally to get uncomfortable.
  • Training Mentally For a Bigger Purpose

Yes, training is a lifestyle. Going to the gym is important. Specifically, with mental training in the gym, I like to look at it as your training for life! A strong mental mindset is created through repetition. The daily fundamentals and foundational elements you get through an effective workout in the gym will be the fuel to keep growing in any endeavor outside the gym. I have a passion for fitness and always look forward to dominating workouts every week. The bigger purpose and real fulfillment I get out is taking the skills, fundamentals, and mental foundation I create in the gym and applying it to business, life, and motivating others to dominate and become a HUSKII beast in life!

Apply the Five (5) rituals I mentioned earlier in this passage to your workout and continue being great!



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