Introverts can be extroverts!

By: Emily Daniels

Introverts can be extroverts!

If you met me at a fitness event, place of work, gym or possibly a party at some point I would be relaxed in a way where I don’t have much to say. If you sat next to me on a long flight for (example; PA to TX) I may not say a word to you the whole trip, in fact, I much rather prefer to catch up on reading a book. I keep one with me every time I travel.

At heart, I’m an introvert and I excel at the part of being an extrovert.

If you saw me on Instagram, came across my content through LinkedIn, Facebook, or a YouTube video or at one of my fitness expo events you would have never known. It has never been easy for me to start a conversation with people I don’t know.

In high school but definitely after college, I was terrified, I was also at a very low point around this time.

I was pretty terrified to go on a job interview until I realized employers weren’t going to come to my house and hire me.

“I had been selling supplements, clothes and other things throughout my career, been involved in the retail industry for about five years and I still wasn’t comfortable, completely engaging with people I didn’t know.”

Yet I still reached the top of the company’s I was in. Of all the “salespeople” in the industry’s I was in, the customers always seem to remember "Pettis."


If you are hosting an event or even a party you immediately appear to become an extrovert to keep things going and keep the guests happy, but when you’re a guest at a party you appear to become an introvert.

As a leader and someone that wants to help more people in my industry, I become an extrovert in order to deliver information, but when I attend events, parties, or even business seminars as a guest I am much more introverted. I like to take notes and really listen and collect as much data and information as I can from the events.

So how do you become an extrovert in sales situations when you are naturally comfortable being an introvert?

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