10 Ways to get jacked up for Monday!

Hello Everyone! Thank God it’s Monday! Yes that’s right, Monday is the start of a brand new week to tackle new goals, set new challenges and completely Dominate the sector you’re in! This Blog is mainly based around going into a new week jacked up & ready to start crushing it.


However, the best part about this is—You can take the information you get from this article and apply it to every day of the week. No matter if it’s Monday or Friday. In fact, starting today! My new challenge for you going forward is to treat Monday like it’s Friday while applying the 10 new skills in this article for the next 30 days straight and see what happens for YOU!


Let’s get Started,


Making a DMO is more or less making a specific detailed gameplan for that day that will create big results or momentum for you by the end of the week. DMO for me stands for “Daily Method Operation.” This is important because if you ask any successful person what contributed to their success they would say apart of that came from organizing their goals and writing things down. What you plan is what you achieve, what’s scheduled most the time gets done! This all starts with breaking bad habits and retraining your mind. I believe by doing this it will help you break that bad habit. Majority of people are at where they are at because at some point in time they planned to be there. You want more out of life create a DMO.


Now that you have your DMO written down and know how to apply it on a weekly basis let’s talk a little bit about momentum. How to get in the right mindset to create momentum?? I would start doing your DMO Sunday evening at the end of the day when you know you have exhausted all your energy for that week and it’s time to get ready for another new week. Continue to do this everyday from that point and by the end of the month you will create exceptional results going forward. This all plays a big part in creating momentum. A lot of people don’t even know how to start making momentum. First of all my definition of momentum is “People in a excited state of mind, ready to Dominate. Achieving new Goals written down consistently over a extended period of time.” In order to even write things down your mindset has to change. You must be in a certain state mentally. That’s why I say in my definition for momentum “excited state of mind.”


In the word momentum you will notice a few different words such as “mom & moment.” How I like to look at momentum is it will come and hit you hard and leave you just as fast. Look at momentum as your MOM nurturing and caring for you throughout your success journey. As a grown man or women mommy isn’t always going to be there for you. However, she will help carry you through the hard times when you need her and push you to do better and be consistent when your winning. Moms will help create leverage for their loved ones because they want them to succeed on their own. Momentum is similar in a since because it will not always be there when you want it. In knowing this, if you work for it and stay consistent it will be there right when you need it most! People don’t get what they want. They get what they need! When working consistently overtime and momentum hits it will literally create leverage for you taking you to the next level even quicker. So in order to get momentum. You first have to create momentum by just having the “will power” to stay consistent over an extended period of time and you will attract momentum. The second key part of momentum is in the word “moment” now that you have momentum how do you keep it. Looking at it this way; This is my moment to maximize on the opportunity by raising my standards and the amount of actions taking on a day to day basis.


I can’t stress enough how important this topic is. Everything you want out of life comes from the level of standards you set for yourself. Change the way you think—You change your life and the world around you. When I think of who I am as a person I want that to be shown not just internally & mentally through how I think. But also through my outter appearance as well—They are parallel to each other and work together. One complements the other and by having both external and internal functioning at a high level you begin to change the daily frequency’s in how you act, function, and all round Being in life. How do you raise your standards you might ask? Very simple, it all starts with shifting your thinking. Getting rid of all the toxic and negative people around you and replacing them with positive influence. What will help keep you committed over time is creating a set of morning rituals and routines you can follow consistently every day. Bottom line—Raise your standards change your life!


A lot of people don’t understand how important it is to create rituals for theirselves. What’s more important then rituals? Having goals! A lot of people for example will wake up Monday hating but they are broke, busted, and disgusted... I use to drain getting out of bed Monday mornings. This was because at the time My goals weren’t big enough, I wasn’t busy enough. I didn’t have big HUSKII juicy goals to achieve so as a result it was me staying in bed or going through the motions aimlessly—Worse part about the whole thing wasn’t even the fact that I was broke I was starting to hate myself.


I know not all people are extroverted. That said, looking at this in a beneficial way, getting attention will be a great topic for you to exercise your people skills and also become more of an extrovert instead of being introverted. I will be the first to tell you that I was not always an extrovert. At one point I was very shy and introverted. But realizing in order to really accomplish what I want in life and achieve greatness I had to raise the standards for myself and go outside my comfort zone—For me at the time that was getting uncomfortable and talking to more people. I challenge you to raise the activity for yourself this week and go out of your way to genuinely check in on someone or even greet just 10 new/old people and have an authentic conversation with them.


when you build a following, or create a tribe it forces you to work harder raise the standards you have set for yourself and most importantly other people. When you know you have a tribe of people following you, looking up to you for motivation or encouragement it forces you to think differently. I encourage anyone reading this to get people’s attention then create enough value for those people to where they want to follow your vision and tell other people about it. Remember people follow people that are going places with a HUSKII vision.


People follow people who are passionate about what they do and have a big vision for where they are going but in order to continue really pushing and growing yourself and other you NEED new challenges that will creat new incentives over the test of time. How do you do this?

-Surround yourself with people that have the resources you want.

-Step out of comfortability and into fear.

-embrace change!

-Look for new ventures, & things that are very hard to do, and at times you may even doubt yourself. Go ALL out on these things.

-Get to a place where it’s QUIT or COMMIT.


If your strong enough mentally and if your vision is BIG enough and not just about YOU. You will always commit and find yourself achieving these new challenges that are very rewarding over time.



Instead of looking at Monday as a draining day to start the week. Look at Monday as a blessing. A lot of people would be excited to work another week, have the simple things others have and more or less walk around and be more mobile for another Monday. So many people have such a negative approach to Monday and for myself I refuse to live that way because every week is a true blessing for me to inspire, be a blessing to someone else and grow my mindset, skill set and business a whole other level- Can’t create REAL change when thinking negative. Change your thinking change your life and the world around you will CHANGE!


New problems as we mentioned earlier create more opportunity. Everybody wants more opportunity but when presented, what people don’t SEE is what creates the actual results in moments of opportunities are the new challenges that come with the opportunity.


I believe in order to really take full advantage in the moment of the opportunity you need to embrace the challenges, problems, and potential chaos that comes with the next level of opportunity. The only reason people don’t truly create the results they want is because most people are afraid to grow. In moments of opportunity if you’re competent enough to continue pressing forward and mentally mature enough to handle the challenges you will face. I’m here to tell YOU. You my friend, will dominate in this new Year!

 **My call to action  for every person reading this- Going into The new year, make a commitment to yourself to write down 10 new big-juicy, extreme HUSKII goals you saw your self accomplishing five years from now, and work your face off  this new year 2020 starting the first Monday of the new month to accomplish them! 

Think HUSKII, Be Great!



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